Now that Alito is on the bench, several very pro-life states are going to start introducing legislation that will test Roe v. Wade.

From the Washington Times:

Legislators in at least five states are proposing bold anti-abortion measures as the Bush administration reshapes the U.S. Supreme Court, a report said.

With the goal of challenging the Roe vs. Wade ruling that ensured a woman’s right to an abortion, lawmakers in Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota and Tennessee propose banning all abortions except when the woman’s life is in danger, reported.

If enacted, legal experts said the laws would be the first absolute abortion bans since the landmark 1973 ruling.

But as the article points out, this may not be the best gambit for the pro-life crowd.

It’s as predictable as the sun rising that lower courts would strike down such state bans, said Americans United for Life Director Clarke Forsythe.

It would be better to pass legislation “that can be enforced,” such as parental notification requirements and fetal pain warnings, the constitutional lawyer told the state issues organization.

By the way, “fetal pain warnings” essentially mean doctors are required to tell women that after 20 weeks a fetus has the ability to feel physical pain.

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