Ok, everyone who caught all, or at least parts, of the President’s State of the Union address, please stand …

I know, the viewership probably wasn’t stellar, (which has been the case ever since cable access took a stronghold : ) but for those of you who did catch any of the coverage, here’s a commentary

Whether George W. Bush is, at best, the worst president since Herbert Hoover — as a seemingly sizable number of Americans appear to believe — he acquitted himself fairly well and came off as basically competent when he delivered his fifth State of the Union speech last night.

The address, televised on all the networks from the House chamber of the Capitol, was capably presented, well organized and sometimes lofty in tone. But it was also lackluster, ordinary and, most of all, generic. With only a few changes, the same speech could have been delivered a year ago, and maybe it was. Nobody remembers these things from one year to the next anyway.

Wow — darn near close to complimentary, isn’t it?

Well, not gushing by any stretch, but it does convey at least a modicum of respect as to the skills of this president.

George W. is a strong speaker when it comes to prepared speeches and last night validated that he can come through in the clutch.

Particular points of interest …

– “Addicted to Oil” (wonder if there’ll be a Robert Palmer like video parody on one of the late night shows?) It was heartening to hear official acknowledgement, and a strategic direction, for pursuing alternate energy sources.

– Leave the war planning and related decision making to the military and leave the politicians out of that mix … makes a great deal of sense.

So, what speech points struck a chord with you?

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