So, now that Justice Alito has been sworn in, just how quickly will he push his nefarious plans for an ultra conservative agenda?

Wait, here’s his first case as a Supreme Court Justice …

New Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito split with the court’s conservatives Wednesday night, refusing to let Missouri execute a death-row inmate contesting lethal injection.

Alito, handling his first case, sided with inmate Michael Taylor, who had won a stay from an appeals court earlier in the evening. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas supported lifting the stay, but Alito joined the remaining five members in turning down Missouri’s last-minute request to allow a midnight execution.

Wow — he really went into right field in that ruling!

Ok, I know one case does not a track record make.

Out of the gate at least, it looks as if the Democrat’s dire predictions of threats to personal rights and a personal political leaning that would unduly influence rulings, have been proven to the contrary.

We’ll of course stay tuned, but it’s an interesting start.

Politics Alito’s First At Bat …