You don’t eliminate programs called “Teacher Quality Enhancement“:

Partnership Grants for Improving Teacher Preparation provide funds to partnerships among teacher preparation institutions, schools of arts and sciences, and local school districts in high-need areas. The partners work to strengthen teacher education through activities such as: implementing reforms that hold teacher education programs accountable, improving prospective teachers’ knowledge of academic content, ensuring that teachers are well-prepared for the realities of the classroom, and preparing prospective teachers to use technology and to work effectively with diverse students.

That’s just one of the programs that Bush’s new budget is going to cut. And do you even need to guess which category has the most money eliminated from it? If you said the Pentagon’s budget, you’d be wrong. Actually, that was increased by 7% last year, for a grand total of $439.9 billion.

No silly, it’s education. $3.4 billion worth of cuts, which is more than double the next category of slash and burn. However, all of the cuts proposed by Bush add up to around $14.7 billion, which is just about half the 7% increase of $28 billion that the Pentagon got for 2006. Of course, that’s not to say that some of these programs shouldn’t be cut, but read all about the cuts here, and tell me if you’re not shaking your head and wondering what exactly this administration’s priorities are.

Yes, I certainly like that extra $300 bucks a year I get because of the tax cuts.

Ownership society, here I come!!!

(h/t: The Moderate Voice)

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