Tom Strong with an interesting look at the holy name:

And another thing: whatever your personal opinion on Christ, can we please please come to an agreement to stop calling him Jesus? Or, as it is pronounced in the vernacular, Jeezus?

I recognize that Jeezus is fun to say. It’s got rhythm, a good cadence – frankly, it makes a terrific cuss word. Hell, I say it as a cuss word all the time. There’s only this problem: it wasn’t the Son of Man’s goddamn name.

His name was Yeshua (or Yehoshuwa) – which was the Hebrew form of Joshua. Joshua. Joshua! Joshua Christ, Somebody’s Lord and Savior, amen. The name “Jesus” descends from the Greek equivalent of Yeshua, Iasues. But the two names were equivalent!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “(Jeezus!) Strong, get over yourself. So what if he’s called Jesus? That’s just the way language evolves.” But here’s the problem: By calling Yeshua Jeezus, English speakers effectively destroy his humanity, because in the English language it is taboo to name your child Jesus. In Spanish, by contrast, “Jesus” (Hey, Seuss!, also fun to say) is a common name.

You say Jeezus, I say Hey-suess…let’s call the whole thing off…

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