See, here’s the thing…

I don’t really care that much about the Abramoff/Bush connection. Why? Well, I don’t think Presidents are involved with money-based corruption anymore. Somebody tells them “This guy brings a lot of money into the party,” and the President takes pictures with them. That’s the extent. Any actual corruption bubbles up through lower politicians and he has no knowledge of the pay-for-play beyond the assumed state of political contributions. And sure, there’s increased consideration, but that’s just politics. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

In any event, there are many layers of protection to keep the President safe from any kind of charges, even though the opposing party continually tries to charge them.

But let me be absolutely clear. I DO care about the Abramoff scandal. But I’m not interested in a photo. Well, honestly, the only reason this story is slightly important is because the administration tried to deny a connection. That certainly has me rethinking Bush’s importance in this controversy, but I’m still leaning towards my original thoughts about Presidents and pay-for-play.

In any event, check out this story from TIME and check out the photo.

And do tell me what you think.

Business TIME Publishes Bush/Abramoff Photo