This from The Corner on National Review:

This story is a very big deal, despite all the mitigating factors — the accident involved a friend, his medical team was right there to help, and all that. Something like this has never happened before, and it is a genuinely disturbing thing to think that the vice president of the United States actually shot somebody last weekend, even for fans of his. It’s disturbing as well that there was a news blackout that lasted nearly a day about this serious incident. It seems beyond question that the vice president is going to have to go before the cameras, explain what happened, and show genuine remorse for his actions, however inadvertent. It’s a difficult challenge for someone as reticent as Dick Cheney. But unless he does so, and makes a good showing of it, he will be damaged goods for the remainder of the Bush presidency.

Damaged goods? Wow, those are pretty strong words for what I think most are chalking up as an accident. Sure, there have been a few jokes bandied about, and there have been some questions (and rightfully so) about why this news was held for 24 hours, but seriously…damaged goods?

Color me puzzled by this talk, although I’m always in favor of more information being shared than less.

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