This is odd. That’s the Pennsylvania Supreme Court up there. They’re posing in the Capitol Building courtroom in Harrisburg. The photo is printed in a brochure titled “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,” which is released by the court. They’re posing in front of the big mural called “The Decalogue – Hebrew Idea of Revealed Law,” depicting Moses and the Ten Commandments painted by Violet Oakley and commissioned by the state and dedicated in 1927.

But if you look, someone has blurred the words on the mural — the text of the Ten Commandments — to make them illegible.

It seems to me, if you’re going to have the mural in the court, it’s good enough to be in a picture of the court. And if you think there’s something wrong with it so that it makes you alter the photo, then perhaps you have to consider the reality as well.

Also in the court are Oakley murals depicting “Jesus teaching the Beatitudes” and “Jesus Christ and Disarmament.”

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