I’m sorry…he smears so called “liberals”:

Despite the clearly desperate desire of some to believe that civil war is on the horizon, my sense is that we won’t see a civil war. This will undoubtedly disappoint and infuriate a lot of so-called “liberals” in the U.S. and Europe almost as much as it will infuriate and frustrate the fascist forces within Iraq. But it’s not likely they’re going to get their wish, no matter how badly they want it.

Yes, I’m sure all of the so-called “liberals” are disappointed and infuriated. Tearing their hair out in fact. I’ve also heard they had to put all of their Iraq Civil War celebrations/sex orgies on hold too.

If only the country that all those liberals didn’t want the US to invade in the first place would descend into horrific chaos so even more innocent Iraqis could die! Yes! That’s it. Makes perfect sense.


Politics Dean Esmay’s Ridiculous Liberal Smear