In 1999, the government began secretly reclassifying documents that were previously made public by the Clinton administration.

One such document is the 1958 Department of Defense Emergency Plans Book. Washington Wire describes it as “an early Cold War description of response planning for a nuclear attack on the U.S”.

However, you want to know the truly ironic part? You can buy it on Amazon under the title The Doomsday Scenario.

Freedom of information indeed.

Honestly, I wonder what was so interesting that the CIA thought they needed to hide this information? Perhaps a serious flaw in the US’s security that hasn’t yet been patched?

The book costs about $15 with shipping and handling. If anybody is willing to do a book report on this, I will buy it for you. First one who says so in the comments gets the assignment and the book for free.

(h/t: Political Wire)

Politics Reclassifying Documents Nearly 50 Years Old?