And we want to return the favor…especially since he’s spelled our name right this time…

From Michael Reynolds

Donklephant is one of the two or three best moderate/centrist blogs around. I never click over there without finding something thought-provoking, compelling, fascinating. I don’t always agree — in fact I often add cranky comments of my own — but the D-Boys (and Girl) are never dull.

If they aren’t on your daily “must-read” list, I think you’re missing out. I am writing this generic plug for them right now because there are literally half a dozen posts that I’d like to recommend and I can’t decide which one or two to highlight. So jump over there and read them all. Then come back here.

And since you may question this endorsement…check out this vid of Reynolds talking about the moderate majority. Well worth the wait, and right on…

Donklephants unite!

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