Some in our government would like to know.

Eleven states have passed laws making it legal for patients to use marijuana for medical purposes. The Supreme Court in Gonzalez v. Raich (2005) held that states could still pass and continue to maintain their own medical marijuana laws. However, the same decision also held that the DEA under the DOJ could still enforce the Controlled Substance Act and arrest marijuana patients and caregivers in the 11 states that have passed laws making medical marijuana legal. Since the Raich decision, the DEA has continued to arrest, investigate, and prosecute medical marijuana growers and distributors in those states and elsewhere under federal law. According to the Congressional Research Service, in recent years more than 20 large-scale raids of cannabis buyers’ clubs have occurred in California, and a handful of raids have taken place in other states.

We believe that DOJ resources would be better spent enforcing other laws and we request that you determine the amount of funds spent for any DEA activity relating to medical marijuana including money spent on investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and advocacy.

Yeah…I’d like to know how much we’re spending too, not only on the aforementioned medical marijuana cases, but also on cases where we’re trying to nab somebody for selling seeds.

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