Nuclear gas that is.

And what that means is scary. Apparently, Iran can make 10 bombs from the gas they now supposedly possess.

From Drudge:

US ambassador Gregory Schulte told the IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors that Iran had failed on every count to meet the watchdog’s call for it to suspend uranium enrichment.

Uranium is enriched so it can be used as fuel in a nuclear power reactor or, if enriched further, to make an atomic weapon.

Schlulte said Iran had 85 tons of the uranium hexafluoride (UF6) gas and said this was enough to make 10 atom bombs, the diplomat reported.

He said there now should be special inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

And we’re definitely posturing to take action. In fact, John Bolton said the following to the AP, “Their threats show why leaving a country like that with a nuclear weapon is so dangerous.”

True, it is dangerous for Iran to have nukes…there’s no doubt about that. But what action are we going to take? That’s the 87 billion dollar question.

Then again, maybe we won’t have to play World Police on this one

BERLIN (Reuters) – If the U.N. Security Council is incapable of taking action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself, Israel’s defense minister said on Wednesday.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was asked whether Israel was ready to use military action if the Security Council proved unable to act against what Israel and the West believe is a covert Iranian nuclear weapons program.

“My answer to this question is that the state of Israel has the right give all the security that is needed to the people in Israel. We have to defend ourselves,” Mofaz told Reuters after a meeting with his German counterpart Franz Josef Jung.

Frankly, Israel has always been remarkably good at handling themselves in the Middle East…why not just let them handle this? I’m not saying they go it alone, but letting them be the lead might be a good strategic position to take.

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