Apparently, there are nine:

  1. The Age Issue
  2. How Electable Is McCain Really?
  3. What’s Wrong With Actually Having A Loyal Republican As The Republican Nominee?
  4. How Can You Be Pro-Life And Pro-Roe v. Wade At The Same Time?
  5. Kyoto By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Rotten
  6. McCain Vs. The Bush Tax Cuts
  7. McCain May Not Like Bush’s Tax Cuts, But He Loves Illegal Immigration
  8. The Gang-Of-14 Disaster
  9. The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Debacle

Personally, it appears for the most part that Republicans don’t like him because he’s not lock step with their ideology. And that’s why I actually like McCain and would consider voting for him. But I suppose that’s probably reason number ten why they wouldn’t want McCain as their nominee.

But for explanations of all these, go to Right Wing News and see if you agree.

By the way, what do you think of McCain?

Politics Why Some Republicans Don’t Like McCain