An editorial from the Minneapolis Star Tribune makes the leap that if same-sex marriage is not outlawed by the state’s constitution, then polygamy is the next step.

My question to all of you is, what’s so bad about polygamy? Seriously. After all, polygamy is still practiced in all corners of the globe and has been for thousands of years. And yes, of course it was much more of a widespread practice back in the day, but most likely because of social pressures and not because those who practiced it felt it was actually wrong.

And by the way, has anybody seen the first episode of Big Love? It’s an HBO show about polygamists in Utah. Personally, I don’t think it’ll last as a series, but I do like Bill Paxton, and I’m curious to see how this season is going to shake out.

And one more thing, some conclusions from the writer of the editorial:

What’s the likely endpoint? Marriage may be redefined out of existence, and replaced by a flexible, contract-based system of government-registered relationships. So get ready. Today gay marriage supporters’ mantra is, “How does my same-sex marriage harm your marriage?” Down the road it may be, “How does my marriage of two men and a woman harm your marriage?” If we don’t answer the first question with resolve — making clear that “one man-one woman” is at the heart of marriage in Minnesota — we may not have a chance to answer the second.

Alright, back to my wives…

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