A 10 year old read the book Freakonomics and emailed author Steven Levitt with a correction. Needless to say, Levitt posted it on his blog, and since they get far more traffic than we do, I’m reprinting the email in full.

From the Freakonomics blog:

Hello. I am Rohan Patel, I am 10 years old. Your book was amazing! I loved it, but I found one mistake in it. In the chapter “What Makes A Perfect Parent?� it says that changing schools does not have an impact on the child. This is untrue, as i moved from Canada to India. In India the school system is much harder, when I came here I was way behind. I am emailing my friends and they are behind me, what they learn is very different from what I learn. So changing schools makes a huge impact on the child, I myself am an example of this.


I wonder what an American kid would say if they went to India? Something tells me they’d be even farther behind.

Maybe that’s why all of our tech jobs are being outsourced to India. I know for a fact that many tech companies in this country are outsourcing work to India because they can do it just as good for 1/10th the price. And when you’re talking about a technology startup, cost is ALWAYS an issue. Trust me, I work for one and you want to be as frugal as possible.

In any event, an interesting look at the possible link between education and outsourcing, no?

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