The Washington Post unveiled Red America today, a political blog written by Ben Domenech. Since I first read about this a few days ago, I’ve been looking forward to reading it. After all, this is a big step for a major newspaper/online news provider to do this blog thing in an open and honest way.

So in Ben’s first post, I was hoping to find an interesting meditation on what it means to be a red-starter and what “Red America” really means. What I found instead was a very partisan shot at the MSM.

Yet even in a climate where Republicans hold command of every branch of government, and advocate views shared by a majority of voters, the mainstream media continues to treat red state Americans as pachyderms in the mist – an alien and off-kilter group of suburbanite churchgoers about which little is known, and whose natural habitat is a discomforting place for even the most hardened reporter from the New York Times.

Yes, it’s all about the liberal media. Aliens. Yes, that’s what red staters are. Sure…

See, this is the trap that so many in the blogosphere fall into. They think just because the extreme left brands red staters as crazy, it must also mean that the media does too. Because after all, many reporters self-identify with liberal values so they must be extreme too. Jeezus…

Ben, that horse is dead. Quit beating it or else you’re going to become very uninteresting in very short order.

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