Plain and simple, if pastors are starting to attend GOP get-out-the-vote seminars, their churches should be taxed.

More from the NY Times:

WASHINGTON, March 20 � Weeks after the Internal Revenue Service announced a crackdown on political activities by churches and other tax-exempt organizations, a coalition of nonprofit conservative groups is holding training sessions to enlist Pennsylvania pastors in turning out voters for the November elections.

Experts in tax law said the sessions, organized by four groups as the Pennsylvania Pastors Network, could test the promises by the tax agency to step up enforcement of the law that prohibits such activity by exempt organizations.

I say good. If churches want to get this heavily involved with a specific political party, they should expect this type of scrutiny. Of course, if a church does lose its tax exempt status, we’re going to have a helluva fight, but it’s one that needs to be fought.

Listen, I’m okay with religious organizations getting federal dollars to help in disaster situations and I’ve said as much on this blog recently. But these consistent and blatant violations of the separation of church and state for mere political gain should not stand.

Not now, not ever.

Politics Separating Church And State