So why didn’t we PAY attention to what Naji Sabri told us about Iraq weapons programs?

In September 2002, Iraq’s top diplomat Naji Sabri traded information on Saddam’s alleged weapons programme for cash in a French-sponsored New York City hotel room meeting, NBC reported, citing intelligence sources. […] During the cloak-and-dagger meeting, Sabri told the CIA’s middleman that Saddam possessed chemical weapons and wanted a nuclear bomb but needed much more time to build one than the CIA estimate of several months to a year. He also denied Saddam had any biological weapons.

Sabri was more accurate than the CIA on the nuclear and biological weapons programs. On the chemical weapons, both Sabri and the CIA were wrong, but Sabri’s estimates of how much Saddam had were much lower than what the CIA claimed.

Again…why did we not pay attention to this guy? Maybe because he wouldn’t play the PR game we wanted him to.

However, the foreign minister broke off his contacts weeks later after he repeatedly resisted CIA pressures to defect to the United States and publicly renounce Saddam, the sources told NBC.

Very interesting stuff here. Obviously this is all woulda, shoulda, coulda, but this was September 2002. This had to be THE most current intelligence we had from inside this government. Why ignore it?

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