Everybody has been urging President Bush to switch his team around and get some fresh ideas in the Oval Office. Well, looks like Chief of Staff Andy Card has done it for him.

So who’s going to replace him? Red State says Josh Bolten. Who’s that?

Rumored for a month, it is about time Mr. Card resigned. We are looking forward to Mr. Bolten’s tenure in the office of White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Bolten has been in the Office of Management and Budget where he has privately been a reasonable voice willing to control spending. We have been disappointed with the budget process as led by the White House, but we understand that Mr. Bolten favors more restraints and executive action to control and cut spending than Mr. Card ever did.

Powerline is not impressed:

I doubt that the change will make any difference, except maybe cosmetically, but it may satisfy some of those who have been demanding “change” in the administration.

And ultimately, this does nothing for the whole “shake up” story that the press is pushing. AnkleBitingPundits has this to say:

Card served as a traditional CoS; an administrator, not a policy or political guy, and for all the shortcomings of this White House, staff administration has never really been one of them.

Agreed. No shake up is really happening here. Just a guy who wants to move on to much “greener” pastures.

Now, if Rumsfeld resigned…

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