Very interesting development here.

The Governor of Mass is Mitt Romney and he’ll will be running for President in 2008. Now, he’s about to sign a bill into law that would help bring healthcare to 95% of the state’s uninsured population. This should attract a little love from the moderate left to be sure.

From Reuters:

The Massachusetts policy holds both businesses and employees responsible for health care coverage. Businesses with more than 10 employees that do not provide coverage for all staff must pay a $295 fee annually per uninsured worker.

Under the legislation, which is expected to be approved by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, insurance agencies would expand health care coverage by offering state-subsidized, low-cost insurance plans with scaled-back benefits.

However, that little stipulation about taxing residents for not having health insurance is sure to anger some:

Residents who can afford insurance but do not choose a plan by July 1, 2007, will face tax penalties that year, as incentive to take out insurance in an attempt to reduce health-care costs statewide.

State health officials say the uninsured rely more on emergency room care and drive up insurance costs for everyone.

If they continue to choose not to enroll in subsequent years, they must pay the state half the cost of the lowest-priced insurance plan each year.

What if a plan like this were rolled out on a national scale? Would you support it?

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