Five kids plotting to kill their classmates? Scary stuff.

From KC Star:

RIVERTON, Kan. – Five teenage boys accused of plotting to kill other students in a shooting rampage at their southeast Kansas high school were arrested Thursday after details of the alleged scheme appeared on the Web site

Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies found guns, ammunition, knives and coded messages in the bedroom of one of the suspects, Sheriff Steve Norman said. In two of the suspects’ school lockers, authorities found documents about firearms and references to Armageddon, he said.

All five suspects were arrested at their homes, some as early as 12:30 a.m. Charges were not immediately filed, and the names of the suspects had not been released.

Norman said he would seek charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder against the young men, who range in age from 16 to 18.

As always, the question is “why?” Rage? Frustration? Psychological problems? Probably a mix of all three. But seriously, what the hell were these kids thinking to plot something like this against their classmates? These cases always baffle me.

At least they didn’t get a chance to carry out the plan, so maybe we’ll find out why…

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