Well, this is getting weird…

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Porter Goss said Saturday that his surprise resignation as CIA director is “just one of those mysteries,” offering no other explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on the job.

Although the ex-congressman declined to comment, intelligence sources have told CNN that Goss’ resignation on Friday was triggered by differences with National Intelligence Director John Negroponte over plans to move staff, including analysts from the CIA’s counterterrorism center, to other intelligence agencies.


An intelligence source with detailed knowledge of the discussions surrounding Goss’ departure told CNN that after Goss resisted the changes, Negroponte sought White House backing to resolve the impasse.

Hayden was involved in the decision that Goss must go, the source said.

A senior administration official said Goss’ resignation was based on a “mutual understanding” between Bush, Goss and Negroponte.

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Politics Porter Goss Describes His Own Departure As Mystery?