Reader_I-Am, who needs no introduction here, has an interesting suggestion:

Bring on term-of-office reform: One six (or even five?)-year-term presidential term (anyone wanting a second bite at the apple can sit it out for six to twelve years).

And don’t give me that lame-duck nonsense; I don’t buy it anymore as a trump card. Why the heck do we think what we have is better now or at any time during second terms for at least the past 40 years?

Of all the proposed fixes to the constitutional system that regularly get aired, this is one of the few that makes sense to me. I’ll have to go refresh my reading of the arguments in the Constitutional Convention, but as I recall this was on the table for a while. It also is consistent with the classical models. If we’re going to go for it, I say one six-year term and then a 10-year wait till you get to try again.

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