Markos Moulitsas, the kos in Daily Kos, is starring in a new commercial for the guy who wants to unseat Lieberman in Connecticut. Personally, I think the one with Markos as the centerpiece is pretty damn cheesy. Also, the candidate Ned Lamont is pretty stiff and reminds me of Howard Dean.

However, the “underdog” commercial has much more of a coherent idea, and could gain traction. But still, the collection of both spots are ultimately pretty weak as far as political commercials go. Lamont could have leveraged his outsider status in a much more effective way, but instead he’s using the “I hate Bush, so vote for me” strategy. It could work, but I doubt it.

Regardless, take a look and tell me what you think.


More from the NY Times:

HARTFORD, May 18 â€â€? “George Bush’s favorite Democrat,” they call him. “Republican Lite,” they sneer. But liberals are no longer just venting on Internet blogs and talk radio programs about their centrist nemesis: Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut.

Ned Lamont says his frustrations with Senator Lieberman solidified when he voted for a federal review of the Terri Schiavo case.

Now, from across the nation, a determined alliance of antiwar activists is working overtime online and on doorsteps to defeat Mr. Lieberman, whose political moderation helped him earn the Democratic nomination for vice president six years ago. Their goal is not only to punish Mr. Lieberman for staunchly supporting the war in Iraq but also to protest what the activists consider the Democratic Party’s willingness to accommodate President Bush.

Trust me, I was plenty wary of Lieberman, but this current challenge seems like a step backward given the positioning Lamont is taking. ABB isn’t a valid stance anymore, even if Bush’s approval ratings are dreadfullly low. Yes, people say they’d elect Kerry now, but will it work in the fall?

More soon as it develops.

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