His words. My thoughts.

If it’s possible to secure the border, why not? One of the core responsibilities of government is law and order, and protecting and controlling borders is a basic duty. A real wall might even alleviate some of the hostility to Hispanic immigrants, by removing the stigma of illegality. Yes, I’m also in favor of a gradual legalization of most of those illegals already here. But we’d have a better chance of persuading Americans of the need for a humane approach to this if they were persuaded the wall represented a real moment of border control – and not another gimmick. If we did it first, we’d have a better chance of integrating those already here. Just as welfare reform helped ease some racism in this country, the Wall might have a similar effect on the current wave of anti-immigrant panic. Or am I being naive?

Well, I don’t feel naive and I don’t think that welfare reform did much of anything to help ease racism in this country. However, I do think a wall will help tear down the “illegal” stigma.

What say you?

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