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Sully On The Wall


His words. My thoughts.

If it’s possible to secure the border, why not? One of the core responsibilities of government is law and order, and protecting and controlling borders is a basic duty. A real wall might even alleviate some of the hostility to Hispanic immigrants, by removing the stigma of illegality. Yes, I’m also in favor of a gradual legalization of most of those illegals already here. But we’d have a better chance of persuading Americans of the need for a humane approach to this if they were persuaded the wall represented a real moment of border control – and not another gimmick. If we did it first, we’d have a better chance of integrating those already here. Just as welfare reform helped ease some racism in this country, the Wall might have a similar effect on the current wave of anti-immigrant panic. Or am I being naive?

Well, I don’t feel naive and I don’t think that welfare reform did much of anything to help ease racism in this country. However, I do think a wall will help tear down the “illegal” stigma.

What say you?