John Hawkins lays out the biggest “threats.” Guess who’s at the top? If you guessed Hillary Clinton, you’re wrong. She’s fourth down the list. The three above her are all…say it with me…moderates.

In third place is Evan Bayh, senator from Indiana. He’s a popular figure in his state and Hawkins thinks he could easily turn it. Also, he’s fiscally conservative, and that’s going to pull a lot of moderate Republicans closer to the donkey.

In second place…Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico. For my money, he’d be a great VP pick for a Dem candidate, but I don’t agree that he’s going to be the guy or gal.

And first. Well, I won’t spoil the surprise. It wasn’t a surprise for me, and if you read this blog with an consistency, you’ll probably know who’s number one.

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