Michael Reynolds has a must read post about Daily Kos and what it really means in the grand scheme of things.

I am a netroots skeptic. I don’t think politics has moved to the web. I think there is a disconnect between web-world and real-world. Remember “meet ups?” Go to MeetUp.com, scroll through the political stuff. Lots of zeroed-out groups. Remember “flash mobs?”

Yes, the web is a good tool for raising money, but mostly just because it’s easier to find a web address than to get an 800 number which may or may not exist for the candidate or issue of your choice. The web is the new 800 number, not an end in itself.

I think blogs do a good job of annoying reporters, and a good job of communicating with other bloggers, and a good job of preaching to the converts, but I don’t see a sea change in politics. Most of America, the overwhelming majority of Americans, could not name a single blog. I think in here, inside this box, Kos is a big deal. But if he’s such a big deal, how come he can’t sell his book?

Reynolds is on hiatus now. He will be missed.

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