Okay, not exactly. But two Dem strategists lay out a very compelling argument why the nominee in 2008 should be like Bill. Well, all except for those personal pecadilloes…

From Wash Post:

By any logical standard, Democrats of every stripe ought to be embracing Clintonism and its central tenets — providing people with more opportunity while demanding more responsibility, and being willing to try new methods to realize progressive ideals. As an instrument of progress, it’s beyond compare. Just recall its achievements: record budget surpluses, rising incomes, more than 22 million new jobs, millions leaving welfare and poverty for work.

As a political formula, its record is just as impressive. Not only was Bill Clinton the first Democratic president in 60 years to be reelected, but consider this: In the three elections before 1992, Democrats averaged 58 electoral votes. In 1992 and 1996, Clinton averaged 375. He won a dozen red states twice.

Will the Dem nominees take heed? Can Hillary take up the mantle? Or will it be somebody like Mark Warner, Bill Richardson or Evan Byah.

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