So I posted yesterday about the SCOTUS’ decision to gut “knock and announce”, and reasoned that it was a bad idea because it’ll end up getting more cops shot.

While this is still a grave prediction, it seems that NRA-backed bills (based on the Castle Doctrine) have been passing in some states and they basically allow homeowners to shoot anybody who comes into their home without establishing whether or not that person is a danger to them or their family.

More from TPM Cafe:

Now, the text of such Castle Doctrine laws don’t actually protect you if you shoot a police officer, but if the police don’t identify themselves when they enter a home, it’ll create a pretty bad legal tangle for juries when defendants can claim they thought the officer was an unknown intruder against whom they had the right to shoot on sight.

Listen, I believe in the Castle Doctrine. If somebody just comes into your house, there’s no way you can be sure they’re not going to pull a gun, etc. At that point, even if the person has made a mistake, it’s too bad for them.

Should people get prosecuted if cops bust in and they start shooting? Of course this assuming that they’ll say they didn’t know it was the police? Has Pandora’s box been officially opened?

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