The only country in the “Axis of Evil” that supposedly has nuclear weapons is about to test a long range missile that could reach the US.

Good times.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — North Korea is believed to have completed fueling a missile capable of reaching Alaska, raising the probability of an imminent test launch, U.S. officials said on Sunday.


Washington has warned Pyongyang against the launch in a message passed to North Korean diplomats at the United Nations but there was no response, American officials said.

Heh. Not that this is a laughing matter, but much like the situation in Iran, we have pretty much squandered any chances of really negotiating with these countries. At least North Korea can’t cut off oil supplies and wreck our economy. On the flip side, they might be able to hit Alaska with a nuke. Something tells me they wouldn’t dare.

And let me open up the floor to a pretty straightforward question: can we really stop nuclear proliferation?

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