From a blogosphere perspective, yes. Just like Instapundit, Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs controls the Repubs.

But will Kos ultimately overthrow the powers that be in the Democratic party?


From Newsweek:

The best balm for his new headaches, of course, is victory. Moulitsas is aggressively talking up the party’s challengers in Senate races in Virginia, Montana, Ohio and Nevada. As in 2003, when he rose to prominence filling Howard Dean’s Internet piggy bank, he’s funneling followers to sites where they can give money to candidates online; only now he has several hundred thousand more readers to hit up and a better network of informants in battleground states. At the same time, he’s taken on the task of party-loyalty enforcer, backing candidates who wear their partisanship proudly and assailing those who seem too cozy with the other side on a range of issues.

Yeah…Daily Kos is REALLY helping Dems get more in touch with reality.


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