In a post regarding the NY Times editor, Bill Keller, this comment was made:

This is what we call high treason, Mr. Keller. And don’t complain to us about “continuing to give the story publicity� by calling you out on it. If you and your buddies hadn’t published it all over the country in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, traitorous worm. Don’t try to fault us for calling you out, we aren’t the ones who distributed it throughout the nation. It wouldn’t be cruel enough to kill or imprison you, we should just hand you over to the terrorrists and let them have their way with you. If you somehow make it out alive, I’m sure you’ll sing a different tune then the one you do currently from your rich, fancy, unassailable office.

The reason I point this out so publicly is because the commenter is no fly-by-nighter. He goes by the handle Brian in MA, and he’s been posting comments on here for quite some time now. However, this comment went way, way, way too far. And so, Brian in MA is banned. This was a difficult decision, but one I feel had to be made to maintain the integrity of this blog.

Do note, that if you think Mr. Keller is a traitor, I have no qualms with that. But calling for this kind of treatment for Keller is sickening, wrong and I will absolutely not stand for it.

Remember, commenting here is not a right, it’s a privilege. And let this serve as a reminder of exactly what kind of comment will get those privileges revoked.

I appreciate your understanding.

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