The L.A. Times has a great editorial about the frustrating attempts by the Daily Kosers and others to bring down Lieberman.

A taste…

Democratic voters in Connecticut have the right to nominate the candidate of their choice. But it is more than a little disturbing for the longtime popular senator (and the party’s 2000 nominee for vice president) to be targeted for defeat by national fundraisers based on his foreign policy views. There were principled people on both sides of the debate to go to war in Iraq. This page did not support the war, but it cannot cheer on liberal activists who run the risk of being guilty of the same sort of insistence on ideological purity that they deplore in Republicans.

And lest we forget…there’s an important piece of info in that above paragraph. Lieberman was just a few thousands votes away from being our Vice President.

Listen, I’m not a big Lieberman fan, but what I find truly fascinating is it’s very likely the majority of those who believe that Gore/Lieberman actually won in 2000 are now trying to get Joe kicked out of the Senate. And say what you like about him, but Joe is a principled guy. That means in all likelihood he would have had the same opinions about removing Saddam whether he was VP or not. Would these same Dems be calling for his removal now? I’d bet a large sum of money the answer would be no.

Some food for thought…

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