Frankly, a Giuliani nomination would be an impressive step forward for a new Republican party, but if McCain won’t get the nomination…can Rudy? I have my doubts.

Robert Novak shares similar sentiments:

Republican insiders respond to these numbers by saying rank-and-file GOP voters will abandon Giuliani once they realize his position on abortion, gay rights and gun control. Party strategists calculate that if he actually runs, he must change on at least one of these issues.

My guess is gun control will go by the wayside. That’s not a big issue anyway. Still, it’d be interesting for a pro-gun Democrat to run campaign ads calling on moderate Republicans to support him or her because Giuliani is a Republican in name only…hmmm…stranger things have happened.

Note to Republicans, if you put Giuliani up for nomination, I would seriously consider supporting him. In addition to his leadership during 9/11 and the hard months to follow, he did a lot of great things for New York City. Sure, some of them were rather draconian, but given a choice between a Times Square full of peep shows and prostitutes, or one filled with families, I can understand why he chose the latter.

By the way…the picture isn’t a dig. However, does anybody think that once the Republican base starts seeing these things that they’d elect this guy? What do you think?

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