The political operatives on both sides who are founding, a glossy attempt to co-opt the anti-partisan groundswell, must have ulterior motives. And they do: to create a clubby atmosphere in which to reach out to “opinion drivers” —

Hotsoup’s founders estimate there are 30 million such opinion drivers scattered across the country whom friends, neighbors and fellow citizens rely upon for advice.

Citing public opinion research, Fournier said, “At least one out of 10 Americans tell the other nine what to buy, how to vote, where to eat, and that literally is the group of people we’re going after.”

(Callimachus, to whom the hat tips, was offended by that last bit and so am I.) And once they reach out to them, what are they going to do? Try to get them to tell those other nine Americans to vote for their side, that’s what!

Wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you ask me. (Or is it rams in lone wolf’s clothing?) But I should reserve judgment. Hotsoup debuts in October.

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