In the most recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll, Democrats are still favored to reclaim the House this November. Here’s how it breaks down:

Not surprisingly, 81 percent of self-described liberals said they would vote for the Democrat. Among moderates, though, 56 percent backed a Democrat in their district and almost a quarter of conservatives � 24 percent � said they will vote Democratic.

Democrats also held the advantage among persuadable voters â€â€? those who are undecided or wouldn’t say whom they prefer. A total of 51 percent said they were leaning Democrat, while 41 percent were leaning Republican.

So, if you could vote for the party and not just one Representative, would you vote to put the Democrats in charge of the House?

Here’s my answer: I’m leaning towards a yes, primarily because, with our current government, I think we’d be better off with two years of gridlock rather than two-more years of the incompetent, divisive leadership of the Republicans. But I’m extremely concerned about Nancy Pelosi ascending to Speaker. I dislike her politics, question her competency and think she’s no less divisive than the current Republicans. So the Democrats still need to convince me that they’d be an upgrade to the status quo. If all they do is run a “get Bush� campaign, I will have serious trouble supporting them this November.

That’s my take. Tell me what you’re thinking.

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