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Ralph Reed, And The Downfall of The Religious “Right”


Ralph Reed has done much for the Republicans, but eventually his ghosts came back to haunt him…

From TIME:

As a political operative Ralph Reed had a golden touch. Four years ago in Georgia, as chair of the Republican Party, he orchestrated the first GOP sweep of state government in 100 years, helping to knock out an incumbent U.S. senator in the process. In his heyday, as head of the national Christian Coalition, he solidified conservative family values into a formidable voting bloc that helped Republicans take over Congress in 1994, and along the way consulted with half a dozen presidential candidates.

But as a candidate for public office himself, in this year’s race for Georgia Lieutenant Governor, Reed’s squeaky clean, boy-next-door image came back to haunt him. After starting out a year ago with a huge lead in both the polls and fundraising over his relatively unknown opponent, Reed’s connection to the Jack Abramoff congressional lobbying scandal unmasked the candidate who built his career on the issue of values as one who apparently had his own questionable values. And so it was that Tuesday Reed lost both his party and his religious conservative base in a humbling Republican primary defeat, losing by nearly 20 points to Casey Cagle, a state senator from Hall County.

All’s well…