The Bush administration, amid rebukes from Congress and the courts, is now trying to get legislation passed to authorize or indemnify themselves for much of what they’ve done in the past few years.

It’s a bit like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, and then seeking to have stealing cookies declared retroactively legal.

In one piece of legislation, the administration both seeks to circumvent the recent Supreme Court ruling in Hamden and legalize Bush’s “enemy combatant” designation.

In separate talks, they’re also trying to escape the spectre of war-crimes charges — both for U.S. personnel and, potentially, themselves.

And let’s not forget the bill being put together that would let Congress sue Bush over his use of signing statements, and Bush’s attempts to have his NSA eavesdropping efforts retroactively legalized.

Maybe, instead of acting like a bunch of teenagers — doing whatever they wanted, hoping not to get caught and then seeking forgiveness when they were — the administration should have fully consulted Congress and sought pre-emptive court rulings to support their actions. Maybe they should have found ways to work within or modify existing laws rather than inventing spurious rationales for ignoring them. Perhaps then they wouldn’t find themselves drowning in a sea of self-made difficulties while Iraq circles the drain.

Just a thought.

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