Polls are showing Lieberman struggling to win his state’s upcoming primary.

Two primaries next week will tell a lot about the strength of the hard-left wing of the Democratic party. In Connecticut, moderate Sen. Joe Lieberman faces a challenger whose single issue is opposition to the Iraq war. In Georgia, ultraliberal Rep. Cynthia McKinney faces a runoff against a moderate opponent who is wooing liberals with the slogan: “It’s time to restore respect to progressivism.” Despite all the hype about the power of the liberal blogosphere, the odds are better than even that voters will reject the more liberal candidate in both races and send the message that the sensible center still has a home among Democrats.

So, just how far left has the Left gone?

Guess results from these two showdowns will tell the tale and serve as a temperature check of sorts with a preview of what could be in store for the Dems moving forward.

If Lieberman were to lose his primary, are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Moderate wing within the Democratic Party?

Geez — (in my opinion) one of the few voices of reason within the Democratic Party and it’s appearing to be drowned out by emotion versus reason.

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