It seems like it’s inevitable.

From the BBC:

Civil war is a more likely outcome in Iraq than democracy, Britain’s outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned Tony Blair in a confidential memo.

William Patey, who left the Iraqi capital last week, also predicted the break-up of Iraq along ethnic lines.

He did also say that “the position is not hopeless” – but said it would be “messy” for five to 10 years.

I wonder if the Administration has heard similar things from American officials leaving Iraq? Well, much like this situation, we won’t hear it unless it’s leaked to a paper, reported and then that official and news source are ostracized and called traitors by the right-wing for making the crisis seem worse than it actually is. Good news, remember? It’s all about hearing the good news. Because that will help make the Iraqis feel better and forget decades of sectarian tension.

What a mess.

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