Having lost the Connecticut primary by only about 3 points, Joe Lieberman hits the ground running as an independent centrist, as “a uniter not a divider,” and against the polarizing partisan politics of “insults, not ideas.” He could have taken his playbook straight from Unity08, and I think that movement could both gain and give a lot of power and momentum by enthusiastically teaming up with him. May I suggest a slogan? WE’RE WITH JOE, followed by a few choice quotes from his concession speech. Run alongside his bandwagon, pump it like a bobsled, and jump aboard. To unapologetically support Lieberman’s independent candidacy — not because we necessarily agree with him on every point, but because we appreciate his independence, believe that the mess in Iraq calls for much more than flight, and reject party-line bullying of either hue — is a huge opportunity for both him and us centrists.

Oh, and there’s Ned Lamont claiming his victory, with Jesse Jackson hovering over one shoulder and Al Sharpton over the other. A lovely beginning!