Even though he’s always been highly partisan, the Fox News commentator seems to be freely venturing into Coulter territory.

Just read:

“Hang on, Dems. Here come the Pol Pots of your party. And if you were for national security, you are now emphatically not. Or else. Remember the mountain of skulls in Cambodia? It’s the Democrats’ new reality now that the anti-war rabble has tasted blood by taking Lieberman down.�

So this is what passes for genuine political commentary these days? This guy actually gets paid to say this stuff?


Oh wait! This was the guy who wrote that ridiculous book “The War On Christmas” and then tried to manufacture a crisis along with O’Reilly to sell the book last year. They failed miserably, but I can’t believe I forgot that.

Haha, yeah, he’s always been a hack.

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