Looks like Joe has hired a Republican pollster who has ties to Santorum’s re-election campaign.

Hotline on Call has the story:

Joe Lieberman’s indie CT SEN campaign sent out a release to announce the hiring of two new consultants: media/direct mail consultant Josh Isay and pollster Neil Newhouse. Isay mostly works with Dems, with his most prominent former employer being Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the current DSCC chair. Isay ran Schumer’s ’98 bid, though has not worked with Schumer this cycle. Isay also has done work for Republican NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of course, Bloomberg mostly uses Dem consultants, not GOP consultants.

The more curious hiring, of course, is Newhouse, a partner in one of the most prestigious Republican polling firms in the country, Public Opinion Strategies. On the merits, Newhouse is a great hire as he and his firm have one of the best reputations in the business, both with their clients and with the media, including us. But what makes the hiring curious is that Newhouse is a Republican and has a slew of clients who will likely raise the ire of Democrats, particularly activist Democrats.

This cycle, Newhouse’s most notable client is PA Sen. Rick Santorum. (Subscribers, click here of The Hotline’s consultant scorecard.) The Lieberman release, of course, makes no mention of Santorum, but does note Newhouse’s client relationship with the very popular GOP CT Gov. Jodi Rell. Newhouse is also the chief pollster for one of the Democrats’ top House targets, CT 02 GOP Rep. Rob Simmons.

Interesting. Sometimes a job can be just a job, but is politics? And what if you’re a pollster who simply runs numbers and gives percentages?

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