But the public is becoming increasingly impatient with the current plan or lack thereof.

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Opposition among Americans to the war in Iraq has reached a new high, with only about a third of respondents saying they favor it, according to a poll released Monday.

Just 35 percent of 1,033 adults polled say they favor the war in Iraq; 61 percent say they oppose it — the highest opposition noted in any CNN poll since the conflict began more than three years ago.

Despite the rising opposition to the war, President Bush said the U.S. will not withdraw from Iraq while he is president.

I don’t favor the war in Iraq, but I do agree with Bush that we shouldn’t withdraw. However, as time goes by, does it make any sense to stay if we aren’t going to deploy more troops and try to do things right? I still think this situation can be saved, and I don’t think we should give up. But if we don’t have the collective will or patience to stick with it, there’s no way it’s going to work. Zero chance.

Still, Iraq is not lost…yet.

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