From The Moderate Voice:

Israeli army reservists, and quite some relatives of Israeli soldiers who died during the conflict with Hizbullah, are calling for a thorough investigation (instead of the one Peretz ordered) into how the war was handled and they are calling on Israel’s PM, defense minister and the army’s chief of staff, to resign.

They believe that Olmert, firstly, rushed into a war, but after rushing into it, wasn’t willing to do what was necessary (in order to win).

I wonder if these reservists are being called traitors? Hmm…

Some of the harshest criticism has come from military reservists, whose voices carry great weight in Israeli society. The veterans protesting in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening demanded that Olmert, his defense minister and the army’s chief of staff step down.

The demonstrators accused the three of rushing into full-scale armed conflict without having adequately laid the military groundwork, and then of dithering over the war’s objectives and how to realize them. That resulted in confusing and sometimes needlessly perilous orders on the ground, they said.

“The big heads should be the ones to go,” said Yossi Avigor, 29, a reserve infantryman who spent two weeks fighting in western Lebanon. “They tried, they failed, they should go home.”

Oh, and one more thing…

“Everybody here would go to war again if we were called up tomorrow. This is our only country,” Avigor said. “Most of us reserve soldiers believe there will be another war soon. But we want our officers and our politicians to be prepared.”

So apparently you can question your leaders and their competence and still be patriotic? What? Impossible!

Politics Questioning Leadership…In Israel