Fewer or our men and women are dying, but more sectarian violence is bad news for the citizens of Iraq. And given that we went in there so fewer Iraqis would die…what’s the plan to stop the violence?

From NY Times:

During the period from the establishment of the new Iraqi government on May 20 until Aug. 11, the average number of weekly attacks jumped to almost 800. That was a substantial increase from earlier this year and almost double the number of the first part of 2004.

As a consequence, Iraqi casualties increased 51 percent over the last reporting period. The document notes that, based on initial reports, Iraqi casualties among civilians and security forces reached nearly 120 a day, up from about 80 a day in the pervious reporting period from mid-February to mid-May. About two years ago they were running about 30 a day.

“Although the overall number of attacks increased in all categories, the proportion of those attacks directed against civilians increased substantially,� the Pentagon noted. “Death squads and terrorists are locked in mutually reinforcing cycles of sectarian strife, with Sunni and Shia extremists each portraying themselves as the defenders of their respective sectarian groups.�

We need more troops in there. That’s all there is to it. But it won’t happen because we’ve already abandoned the Iraqi people with our lack of planning and our lack of will to stay until the country is stabilized.

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