Well, we were “reddit’d” today, which means the site has been getting an unprecedented amount of traffic. At last count over 8,000 visitors and the number just keeps climbing. Wow.

And oddly enough it reminded me that sometimes we can lose focus of the day to day stuff. At least I know I can. True, the WOT and the leadership of our country is incredibly important, but if we focus on that alone we begin to lose ourselves in it.

So, now I offer you a post I found over at reddit.com. It’s called 12 Rules For Marriage, and even though I’m not married, it certainly seems like sage advice to me.

A taste:

1. Your world is getting bigger today, not smaller! More history, more friends, more possibilities. Marriage is not the end of the search, it’s the beginning of all the searches that are more fun to do together.

2. Be the guardians of each other’s solitudes. Not only do you need to give each other space, you need to make each other space.

3. No difficult conversations after 10pm. Not only is it harder to solve problems when you’re tired, but at least half the time being tired is the problem.

So married people…what are your rules for marriage? I especially want to hear from those of you who’ve been divorced and remarried. Why did it work the second time? Or third?

Be sure to read the whole list…especially #6.

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