So says the Bayh…

From the AP:

DES MOINES, Iowa – Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh defended Democratic assaults on President Bush’s prosecution of the war on terror, but he warned Friday that his party can’t come across as “a bunch of wimps” on security issues.

Asked about repeated Republican comments that Democrats are undermining the war on terror with their criticism, Bayh said Americans wouldn’t buy it.

“These statements are wrong and the American people know that we’re speaking out because we want to take a tougher, better approach to protecting this country,” Bayh said in an interview.

Bayh is in Iowa? I wonder what’s he’s doing there? Probably just hanging out with family and having some delicious presidential hopeful stew.

Anyway, back to the WoT…of course the Dems need to get tougher, but how?

Bayh provides answers:

“I’m concerned that we not come across as whiners and that kind of thing, like a bunch of wimps who say mean old Karl Rove is on us again,” said Bayh. “We’ve got to say look, we’re speaking out because we’re concerned the administration is undermining our security, their competence and their priorities have been wrong.”

Priorities…hmm…what do you think the priorities are in the WoT?

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